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Top 10 Movies and Shows for Inspiration

Movies are an amazing way to get inspiration! And especially when the words are just swimming in front of your eyes and you don't feel like reading, the next best thing is an audio book or a movie/show. This is a list of the top 10 movies and shows that I love, and that have given me inspiration.

   1. Man in the High Castle

   Pre-warning: this show has a lot of language in it. If you're language sensitive, then I'd advise using Vidangel, Clearplay, or just skipping this review.
   Ok, so MITHC is a show that speculates an idea: what if the Axis had won WWII?
   As a WWII retelling writer, I absolutely love this show, and the characterssss *flaps hands wildly*. The world building is incredible, the ideas in it are amazing and beautiful and well thought out, and the characters are flawed and lovable and just all around amazing!*
   Even if you don't write WWII, I'd recommend the show.

  2. Ben Hur

   I know some of y'all are probably hard cor…

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